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Our Story


About Kokai

We are an entrepreneur family group passionate about Japanese food and characterized by its ability to innovate in the restaurant business.

We set out to create an unforgettable dining experience for our customers.


In KOKAI SUSHI & LOUNGE, you live the look & feel experience. We are aware that the first impression is decisive to impact, surprise and introduce curiosity.


The first seconds are our opportunity to create magic in the flavors that awaken the senses, and all the factors of confort that interven to guarantee this visit will be

the first of many more.

A new and unique, urban, vibrant space, cozy as well, that combines innovation and elegance under different ambiances, that live under the same design strategy,

creating a very special social space for a very special world citizen.

Kokai Sushi & Lounge is a space for exchange and confluence of values, perceptions, where experience at service time is well delivered by an empathic and trained staff.

We understand that the starting point for our service is to provide a stimulating and exhuberant experience in japanese gastronomy as the main proposition of value.

Where we all feel at home, no matter where we come from


KOKAI Sushi & Lounge

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